What is Decidere?

Decidere, which is derived from the Latin word for “to decide or determine”, is exactly what we simplify. In a world with so much data and so many options and variables, no matter the contexts, deciding on an investment product, a consumer good, or any other decision we face can become a time consuming and even overwhelming task.

Many companies offer filtering to help you narrow down the available options to a more manageable list. Some companies utilize spreadsheets and apply a series of filters and even pivot tables in an effort to make sense of their data. All of this can serve it’s purpose but everything out there are missing critical components of the decision making process – ranking of results based on best fit for the user and comprehensive approach to assessing best fit. When you filter, you eliminate options that may actually be best over all because one criteria wasn’t exactly right.

We have provided a way to weight the importance of various attributes and criteria and provide a ranked list of results that are in order of best fit versus worst fit for you. We also offer an Enterprise solution by uploading your company’s data and configuring the platform to meet your objectives. This can also include data administrative services, employees training, and more. For more details or to schedule a personalized demonstration, please contact us.

Our Story

We started with a need, a persistent drive that there has to be a better way. There had to be an easier, more productive way to make use of all of the data at our fingertips. After all, why pay for data if you can’t really make good use of it?

Why we built Decidere

Craig Stiles founded Decidere Analytics during his time as the Senior Vice President - Wealth Management, Wealth Management Advisor at the number one Wealth Management Firm in the U.S. as a tool to use in his financial advisory practice. An engineer by education, Craig applied mathematical principles to his financial services practice by creating a process of not only filtering but also weighing the importance of criteria against the large financials dataset that his office subscribed to. Over time, an algorithm was built that quickly ranked thousands of funds based on their best fit to a comprehensive scenario that fits the client’s goals and the current environment.

Craig utilized this process for years, successfully. He was building portfolio recommendations that used to take a week in a matter of an hour or two using his Excel based formula. Still, there had to be a faster way that wasn’t so susceptible to human error from all the copying and pasting of data and formulas.

Where we are today

We built a team to convert our proven process into something web-based and repeatable.  Developers, designers and mathematicians worked to build an executable algorithm on an R-server and a user interface that would make the algorithm available to anyone and adaptable to any dataset.

Today, we want to help businesses make better use of their data. We are helping financial advisors meet client objectives in a sound and proven way. Turning information into insights, we are making data useful.

Our Team

Craig Stiles

President - Decidere Analytics
Managing Director - Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

Lana Beregszazi

COO - Decidere Analytics
President - BCS Management Inc.

At Decidere Analytics, our mission is to assist practitioners and organizations benefit from the tools we have taken the time and effort to research and build.  We want to learn about your organization, your data and help your efficiency skyrocket through better insights, more reliable analysis and more time to get down to business!

We would love to partner with you.