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Because time isn't worth wasting.

Responsive analytics directly in the browser.

Our ranking algorithm can be applied to virtually any set of data regardless of the size, complexity, or market application of the data. Decidere Analytics, LLC offers an Enterprise Solution for corporations who want to make the most of their data by incorporating the Decidere algorithm into a customized site built around their unique business requirements. We also now offer a small assortment of financial datasets that are available by monthly or annual subscription.

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Financial Data

Built specifically for financial advisors who want to make more use of the data available to them. This dataset includes publicly available information on the funds available to advisors to to recommend to their clients. If you are a Financial Advisor, subscribing to this dataset and creating custom scenarios can greatly simplify your life and add value to your client service offering.

Custom Data Analytics for Enterprise

Decidere’s Enterprise solution enables data-driven decision-making within your organization. With our Enterprise solution, a custom url, interface and configuration is available in order to meet the requirements of your users and your strategic objectives. We listen to your requirements and then upload your company’s data and configure and maintain the platform accordingly. This Enterprise package includes data administration services, employees training, and scenario worksheet custom configuration.

Impact Investing Financial Data

Decidere was born in the financial services industry, that’s why we are configuring a full Morningstar data feed that will provide savvy investors and financial advisors the opportunity to run comprehensive scenarios on more than twenty thousand investment products to find the absolute best option for you or your clients.